Welcome to “ThunderShorts:WeatherBriefs“, a blog subscription brought to you by Weather Forecast Solutions.

We provide global detailed weather and climatological forecasts for various industries, all specifically tailored to client needs.

Client feedback consistently reports that forecast packages assist with multiple facets of operational decisions, which translates into financial savings. With the utmost respect for accuracy, reliability, and convenience, Weather Forecast Solutions continually offers dependable forecasts.

Subscribing to the ideology of multiple intelligence, client-centered reports are prepared with heavy consideration for the end-user. “If you’re paying for it, you should be able to understand it”.

Simply put, the company is built upon a client‐centered practice: Short‐to‐long term forecasting analysis and products are designed entirely based upon customer needs, rather than producing and leaving the interpretation up to the end‐ user.   We are scientists.  We are the “translators” of the materials provided; not the medium. Our effective methods of communication coupled with our data visualization skills is what separates us from the rest.

So what can you expect on this blog?  In this newly acquired piece of real estate within the social media world, you will find relevant weather/climate information, amazing weather photos, interesting stories in meteorology, science lessons [sometimes 101, sometimes more in depth], weather history, gorgeous data visualization, or basically whatever other really intriguing  “shorts” and “briefs” tickle our [and hopefully your] fancy.

Weather has a very primal and raw way of stimulating our senses; the unimaginable representation of nature’s true energy. The sound of a howling wind or the silence after the snow, the relief from a cool breeze, to the blinding effects of a lightning bolt. It’s quite literally been a centralizing topic throughout history, across every language around the globe, for thousands of years.

And with that, we are excited to be part of the conversation.

Thanks for your interest in what we do, and be sure to check us out on Twitter [@WxForecastSolns] as well as our website, http://www.WeatherForecastSolutions.com for more information.


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