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Beautiful boats, gorgeous skies, and that yacht life ambiance fully in place  at the 2017 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.

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Wall ‘O Waterspouts is Without a Doubt Weather-iffic.

This 2014 image via Bruce Omori of Extreme Exposure Fine Art Gallery is an amazing view of #waterspouts from the Kilauea Volcano in #Hawaii. It may be old but 121% worth the share.


How many do you see? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and likely a 7th in formation along the right.

Nature is the best form of entertainment, without a monthly fee!

Boating Conditions Along Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic

For all the #boaters in the [aquatic] house, increased conditions in vicinity of [20-25 kts] winds and [4-6 ft] seas behind the frontal boundary [white line] in the NW Gulf of Mexico.

SWH Analysis

These increases will continue to propagate eastward through the Gulf through early Tuesday, arriving along the East Gulf waters by Monday afternoon. Strong northerly winds will continue to build in behind the boundary, likely remaining in and around [10-15 kts] through early Monday morning.

Elsewhere, southerly flow along the U.S. East coast will continue to increase through midweek, with sea heights additionally increasing beyond [6 ft] as the weak low off the East Coast of #Florida lifts northwards and towards the #MidAtlantic.

NOTE: Img indicates significant wave heights in ft and winds in kts.

Cyclone Cook Aims at New Zealand

Cyclone Cook is currently aiming towards New Zealand, with 30-40 kt winds along the East Coast of the North Island and off the East Coast of the South Island.  Winds will become more northerly as the system continues to slide southward through the remainder Friday and into early Saturday [local NZ time]. Winds in excess of 20kts will remain along the North Island through Saturday afternoon [local NZ time], subsiding below 15 kts by Sunday evening/early Monday [local NZ time]


Humidity On The Move

Observe the moisture flow in the 1000-500 mb relative humidity [RH] field.

Cool wraparound feature, as the moisture gets transported on the winds toward the departed NE low on the right hand side of the frame. Also notice the connective feature of the departed low tapping into the moisture pool from the Gulf of Mexico [GOMEX].

West coast also seeing an increase in available atmospheric moisture.

Ain’t #weather beautiful?


Dangerous Sea State Along ATL Coast

Currently, widespread sea state increases along the U.S. Atlantic Coast, with the highest conditions in vicinity of [10-15 ft].  Offshore conditions even higher, ranging within [15-30 ft].  Conditions to begin reducing from south to north, beginning Wed PM/Thu AM along the SE, Thu PM/early Fri AM along the Mid-Atlantic, and Fri AM/PM in the Northeast.#BoatersBeware


Evolution Animation of #Blizzard2017.

#Blizzard2017 will be one for the record books.  This system was a powerful combination of two different atmospheric jets, combining in just the right location, at the right position, to induce a rapidily strenghtening low pressure system just offshore.  As the system pulls northward along the coast, its position will enable strong onshore winds bringing larges amounts of moisture.

sfc analysis

Atmospherically speaking, it’s breathtakingly beautiful.